Technical Data Sheet


Crosslinker for exterior durable polyester powder coatings



M43 is an improved β-hydroxyalkylamide crosslinker for formulating exterior durable carboxylic polyester powder coatings. In comparison with normal HAA crosslinker this product could provide better anti-yellowing and higher color stability; therefore, it is especially suitable to use in direct fired gas ovens.


Typical properties

Appearance                    [visual]             White granular solid

Melting point ()                                     100-115

Hydroxyl equivalent weight (g/eq.)                      86-102

Volatiles (%)                                         ≤0.5

Herein described to be typical properties and do not constitute specification limits.


Process & Use levels

M43 is added to the binder/pigment blend before extrusion.

Recommended to design formulation by weight parts of 94.5/5.5 (resin to M43) for pure polyester resin with AV ca 34mgKOH/g.


Shelf life

One year from the date of production. It is recommended to check the acid value after one year before using.


Storage & Notice

Store in temperature between 2 and 35 or cool dry place to avoid wetting-absorption.


Handling & Precaution

Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Avoid breathing dust. Wash after handling.

For further information, please refer to the MSDS.




Regulatory status

 M43 complies with TSCA (USA), DSL/NDSL (Canada) and IECSC(China).



Packaged in paper-plate box with polyethylene liner. Net weight 25 Kg per box.